Carbots: The Beginning

Don't Ask Questions...


...just listen to my story and get ready to believe the unbelievable and expect the unexpected.

My name’s Gus and I love to work on old cars, especially ­engines. My Uncle Floyd owns an auto wrecking place and he has tons of old junk and wrecked cars and I love to find car parts and make cool hot rods out of them. Now that you know a little about me, let me begin to tell you how my life totally changed one night. 

Remember, don’t ask questions. 

The Carbots appear...


I was working on my 1957 Chevy truck... was getting dark outside, but I really needed an old water pump for my engine. I jumped in my car and zipped over to Uncle Floyd’s wrecking yard. It was very dark out that night with no moon to be seen. I grabbed my flashlight, opened up the gate and started walking back to the engine shack. The engine shack was a building that had a ton of old engines and engine parts. Uncle Floyd also had a bunch of tools and machines he used to rebuild engines in the shack.  It was a little spooky that night and I swear I kept hearing weird sounds. 


 As I was walking between old junk cars on my way to the engine shack, I noticed that there were several little lights blinking off and on in the shack. I didn’t know who was in there so I slowly walked up to the shack and stood up on my tiptoes and looked through one of the windows. As I peered into the shack I almost yelled, but I put my hand over my big mouth. 

What I was looking at you’ll never believe in a million years.


Standing on top of the work bench, were these two robots...

...small robots, hammering and cutting and it appeared they were making more robots that looked just like them. After I finally calmed down a little I could see that these were not just regular robots that I’ve seen on TV, but these robots were carburetors that go on the top of a car engine.  

They were only about 8 inches tall, but they were really cool looking.  I suddenly heard one of them say, “How many Carbots are we going to create tonight, Sparky?” said the robot with copper wires coming out of its head.



They called themselves Carbots...

That is so cool. I was so focused that I almost had a heart attack when Uncle Floyd’s junkyard dog Barney started barking at me. All the lights suddenly went out inside the shack. I got Barney calmed down and he took off back to his doghouse.   

I built up all my courage and decided to go into the shack. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but my curiosity got the better of me. After walking in a few steps I stopped and shined my flashlight all over the room but saw no movement or sounds.   I knew I wasn’t crazy and I didn’t imagine those little robots or Carbots creating other Carbots. 


'My name’s Gus...

...  I was watching you from the window. I can’t believe what I saw but I know what I saw is true. Did I tell you my name is Gus?'

- “Yeah, we heard you Gus.”

 “OMG,” I said out loud.

- “Flip on the lights Carbots.” said the same voice. 

The lights went on.

- “The name’s Steel. I’m a Carbot. I’ve seen you in here a million times. You’ve taken some great parts that I was wanting to use and I guess that’s why I think you are like one of us. Sit down Gus, we need to talk.”

That’s how it started. Really, Really.

Meet the other Carbots



She likes her shoes, but don't let that fool you! She is as ready as anyone to get dirty!

Ol' Blue Eyes


He has the tools for the job, and then some extra ones..

Surfer Joe


He is ready for the beach.. and to find that other leg?



He tends to like making things... Difficult...



His eyes say 'Crazy' its best to believe them. 



There is no spoon.

There is also no Knife.

There is a fork, thats all you need.





Rogain he does Not Need.



He has the tools... dont make him use them!



He is the smartest of the bunch, and has the credentials to match!

The Whole Clan


The whole band... back together... for the first time ever!!

Black Box of the Beyond


Be Carefull what you open...