About Guy Crabb and Guy Crabb Publishing

Guy was born in southern California and went to high school in Riverside, California.  He served in the United States Navy and then graduated from Cal Poly in 1983.  He has three daughters and is married to his best friend, Janet.  He also has 4 beautiful grandchildren.   He retired from teaching in 2017 after 32 years and still loves education.  He was selected as Teacher of the Year in the San Luis Coastal Unified School District in 2006-2007.  He loves to make cool stuff from old junk and cruise in his 1957 Chevy truck.

As a local elementary teacher for 32 years, Guy’s interest in downtown businesses began when he found an old newspaper from 1912 at the Sunset Drive-In swap meet.  In looking at the addresses in the display ads, he began to wonder what was at that location now.  After three years of research, he compiled a detailed listing of downtown businesses over the last 100 years.  He discovered many fun facts.  For example, did you know that Fanny Wrappers was a bank for over 50 years?  Or, that McLintocks used to be a donut shop?

Guy’s first publication in 2007 is San Luis Obispo: 100 Years of Downtown Businesses, Higuera Street.  The book tracks businesses located on Higuera Street downtown since 1905. The book is a treasure of photos and facts that inspire a fun exploration into the past of San Luis Obispo’s downtown buildings and businesses.  Guy received excited feedback from locals who discovered the book.  Many comments began with, “I remember when…”, “I used to go shopping there when I was a teenager.” “I forgot all about that place!”  “I used to buy donuts at Delite Bakery!”, and many others.

His second publication in 2008 is San Luis Obispo 100 Years of Downtown Businesses: Monterey and Marsh Streets.  This book also reveals little known information about people who were once part of the business community in San Luis Obispo over the past 100 years.  Historical names such as Call, Kamm, Quintana, Sinsheimer, Wickenden, Feliciano, Long, Warden, Wade, Jack, Stover and many other are mentioned in the book.

His third publication in 2011 is San Luis Obispo 100 Years of Downtown Businesses: The Cross Streets.  This book explores the people, buildings, and businesses that make up the cross streets in San Luis Obispo’s vibrant downtown, such as Osos, Chorro, Morro, Garden, Broad, Nipomo, and other streets.

The books provide fascinating information, such as the hidden treasure buried inside of a cornerstone of one of our historic buildings and that a popular restaurant on Monterey Street was once a coroner and embalming business.  The books also tell readers fun facts, such as the name of the bridge in Mission Plaza, what the “J.P.” in J.P. Andrews stands for, and the names of many of the historical buildings.

Guy had an incredible time writing these books and hopes they will create wonderful memories for people who have called San Luis Obispo home in the past or present and a valuable source of information for those who are new to our special part of the world.

In addition, Guy has enlarged and retouched many of the rare photos found in his books and had them reproduced in color.  They have been matted and are ready to frame.